Handmade Crochet Hook


Hand Crafted Wooden Crochet Hook


A hike in the woods can be a profound experience. Lifting one’s spirits, grounding the soul and shedding the worries of the world.  I always come home with an empty water bottle and a full backpack of rocks and branches, that I found unique. I have begun to turn the small branches of wood into crochet hooks! My love of working and restoring wood has evolved into another art form.

Whittled, sanded and polished with love. Rubbed deeply with essential oils, not only brings out the beautiful grains of the wood, but also smell beautiful. Unique shapes fitting comfortably in your hand with a very nice slip. Over time, wood self polishes making them glide swiftly and smoothly through whatever fiber you chose to work with. I have also found, as I create with my own personal wooden hooks, the oils from my hands, and moisturizes I use also brings out another level of beauty.  Hook size is 5mm or H.  Your hook will arrive with a beautifully crafted Felted Case. I do not make the felted pieces myself, I source pieces of felt from my dear friend friend Annette at Make Life Cozy in Vt.  But I DO make the cases. Photos soon. Your case will provide protection for your beautifully crafted hook, as well as help it maintain it’s wondetful smell.


I will be offering a variety of woods found here in The Berkshires. Apple, Birch, Oak, Pine, Maple. Each hook is Unique. As I create, more styles and sizes will become available. Sizes are based on mm, U S standard sizing. These hooks are considered inline.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or special requests.

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Dimensions 6.50 × 5 in


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